The Axe was and is one of the most common fantasy weapons of all time. It's got to be said, if you're not using a sword , you're using an axe! Some may say the axe to be the swords rightful successor but many beg to differ. we here at the Fantasy Gaming Wiki must show both sides of everything.

Executioner axe

A rather ghoulish looking executioner bearing the infamous axe in his hands

Combat with the AxeEdit

Although it may not be a light and as easy to maneuver as a sword, (and therefore harder to parry with), the axe's heft can be used as an advantage in combat. When using an axe, you're not going to make as swift and stealthy entrance as with a shortsword or dagger but, in open combat, the sheer weight of the weapon you are wielding is more likely to crush your enemies. So, overall, while the axe may the perfect tool for an open skirmish with an enemy but not the one for you if stealth and surprise is your style.


As stated above, the axe is a hopeless tool for a silent, swift stealth mission behind enemy lines. There is another disadvantage of this hefty weapon as well. Carrying a handy shortsword or dagger is really just a piece of cake, even in the roughest terrains such as jungles , mountains and maybe even rivers or swamps but with the axe; it's a totally different story. Its bulky nature means that it is very hard to carry and thus a bigger sheath is required; a big task for the average peasant explorer set out to travel the world. Unless they just happen to have a secret stash of gold hidden somewhere under their stable... very unlikely! A perfect example of this is Ubisoft's hit console chart-smasher, Assassin's Creed. In this game, you must buy the heavy sheath before purchasing any heavy weapons such as the heavy sword , the spear and, of course, the axe.

A rather strange use for the axe, (actually a hatchet), is displayed in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in which the player can actually throw the axe at opponents and then walk over to the newly-created corpse and pick up the weapon again. Truly magnificent! Although this particular technique has not been commonly used in history, it could prove a vital asset in short ranged combat. A major concern that must be taken into consideration is the fact that an attacker could hurl their axe towards an enemy, hit, (or worse, miss), them but then lose the weapon. Aside from possibly losing one's most important weapon, given the cost of weapons in the world of fantasy, this just could not be tolerated. Especially not if the axe belonged to a poor peasant adventurer or most other explorers. Even though there are relatively inexpensive specialty throwing axes, only the well heeled could afford to use them.

Of course, some use neither the axe or the sword, preferring to "reach out and touch someone" with the Bow!