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Or "WEXPROs" - perfect for new users who don't know what to add to this Wiki. They are designed for rapid expansion of the Wiki in a short time. We have already set up a few WEXPROs for you to add to but feel free to send request for a new one to be created. If we think it's relevant, we'll make it. It's that simple. Some WEXPROs you may want to contribute to are:

* Weapons: If you can think of a weapon that may have been used in the fantasy world once before (or in the future!), you can add it to this category. Remember though; if you add a weapon page to the Wiki, please add Category:Weapons at the bottom.
  • Non-specific Characters: An entire archive of fantasy characters that are not specific to a certain game, film, book, etc. Feel free to add a page to this extensive category. Please mark all non-specific character pages with [[Category:Non-specific characters]] at the bottom.
  • Creatures: This extensive list of all of the fantasy creatures that the users of this Wiki can think of. Any creatures that could possibly ever exist in the world of fantasy will be in this category. Wheather it be a mole that lived some two million years before time began or an army of robots that are sure to take over the universe in the far, far future. If you add a creature to the Wiki, please remember to mark it with [[Category:Creatures]] at the bottom.