“An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold” -- Ancient Chinese Proverb

Gold is the most popular currency of all in fantasy games. It was being used on Earth for thousands of years, even after the bank note was created. Even now, many paper currencies are backed up by gold. The same kind of idea is present in most ancient fantasy pieces (games, films, books, etc.) because it is actually worth something. After all, it was one of the few valuable metals that the ancient fantasy world's Sages had discovered.

Gold in Ancient Fantasy (Dawn of time - 0 approx.)Edit

Ever since it was found as a precious material, Gold has served well as currency, especially as it doesn't rust or tarnish. It is heavy, but that meant
Gold coin

A gold coin from the Roman era.

that it was easily stored as it took up little space. Gold was crafted by goldsmiths and was distributed to the people in return for a suitable exchange. Whether it be land, cattle, or your daughter's hand in marriage, people were always ready to take Gold.

For most of the ancient fantasy era, (7000BC - 1000BC) people had not discovered gold as a valuable substance. Things such as land and animals were swapped but there was no currency. It is the same in some fantasy games, but not others.

Gold in Present Fantasy (0 - 2000 approx.)Edit

  • Gold is the currency in Lionhead Studio's fantasy masterpiece, Fable III, any can be used to buy almost anything. With a range stretching from pajama bottoms to gleaming purpose built mansions on a grand estate.

Gold in Future Fantasy (2000 - End of time approx.Edit