An artistic view of a Hero

The Hero is a very common character in many Fantasy Books, Flims and Games. If the Hero is not a male, and in some cases it is not, then the name must be changed; female Heroes are called Heroines. This page is classed under the Non Specific Characters category as it is not specific to a certain Film, Book or Game.


The Hero is quite often a very king and generous character but in some games and books the Hero can transform into a cruel and unfair personality through the course of the story. They can sometimes posses superhuman abilities or magical powers. A great example of a Hero with magical powers is the main character in The Elder Scrolls games.


The Hero can meet a variety of different characters along the course of the story. Wheather it be a friend or a foe, the Hero is bound to meet another character sometime or other. Here are just a few basic characters that the Hero or Heroine might meet in a story:

  • The Villain
  • A Friend or other Neutual Character
  • A group of villagers or citizens
  • A Trader
  • Other Heroes or Heroines
  • A Mage or other Neutual magic wielders
  • Wizard or Witch (Enemy)