The Mage is a non specific character of the fantasy world. He/she usually has a deep level of knowledge and respect for Mother Nature and is more often than not; one of the most clever and sophisticated. There are, of

A rather dark and evil looking Mage bringing doom and despair unto a small town

course, some exceptions. The vast knowledge that one Mage holds may be the blatant cause of intense insomnia or visions. Mages' that act more up-tight and anxious may be suffering such symtoms.

General ResidenceEdit

The recent assumption that all Mages' must all live in huts in the middle of nowhere is, of course, nonsense. Although we may not see it, a resemblance of a Mage lives in many of the characters we see in many fantasy articles (books, games, film, etc.). The word Mage literally means; someone who conjures magic from within themselves or other people. Following on from this definition, Mages' are plainly just more practised thus more efficient Wizards . See wizards as the inferior to all mages' then all will be clear.

A home location or style is, of course one's choice and mages' are no exception. It varies:

  • An African Mage would live in different housing to a European Mage (vice veresa)
  • Middle Eastern Mages' would live in different housing to that of the Americas.


As stated above, Mages' have much more higher concerntrated magic powers to that of wizards. They often seem much more calm and collected than the average wizards too. Of course, magic is a Mages' most effective weapon, although some have been known to use raw violence instead. Many characters in fantasy have some of the powers stated below but not all of them. Quite often the main character has obtained a handful of these powers but still never all of them; unless of course the main character is a Mage!

  • The power to conjure magic within
  • The power to conjure magic from within others
  • The power to manipulate others' minds in order to get their way
  • The power of the elements*
  • Ultra efficiency with any weapon, automatically
  • Superior knowledge against any opponent
*Only in some cases