A Metropolis is an extremely large city-like settlement found in the world of fantasy. Metropolis' are not present in most ancient or present fantasy articles but are very common in future fantasy. It is very liekly that one single person would rule a city, but not a metropolis. It is generally a party of leaders or an organization that could control such a vast area of land and all of it's needy population.

Buildings of a MetropolisEdit

As a metropolis is usually the largest and well known settlement of a country, state or large land mass, the

  • A rather large, circular, futuristic looking building
  • A line of futuristic buildings from a modern metropolis
  • A quite ornate and intricate looking view from a futuristic metropolis
  • The Galactic City, from STAR WARS.

buildings there are nearly always much more grand than that of the average city or town. There are some resmblences of a metropolis in ancient and present fantasy such as large estates and capital cities but there actual appearance would differ greatly from that of the future fantasy metropolis. Here are a few buildings that you'd expect to find in a future fantasy metropolis:


The world of fantasy is full of bustling metropolis' and an ever-growing population to go with it. Here are some examples:

  • Eternal favourite, STAR WARS, has some perfect examples of futuristic metropolis'. The Galactic City is the capital of the galaxy and is enormous. In fact, the bustling city covers the whole planet that it rests upon, Coruscant. It has the exact same skyline as the pictures shown above.