The Sword is probably one of the most if not the most common weapon in the world of fantasy. It's slick, light

A rather delicately patterned sword

design allows for easy storage on your person and improved ability in combat. Across the world of fantasy, the sword has been used countless times to slaughter countless foes.

History of the SwordEdit

The sword has been around for an age, for about 5000 years approximately. They originated from daggers which were used for the same reason until about 3300BC when the same blades, which had given the daggers of that time their unique edge in combat, could be crafted into much longer shapes and could be mounted on wooden hafts. Thus the sword was born. It was used all across the timetable from then on because of it's ease in combat and extreme portability. Some important appearances of the sword in history include:

  • Swords and axes were often buried with a late Viking leader. Other things that were also buried include; boats, clothes, pottery and, of course: the body.
  • The main weapon of the medeival age was the sword. All knights and barons carried one but they were far too expensive for the peasants. Sometimes, the king himself would carry a sword, just in case.
  • A simple recent reincarnation of the sword lay on the end of most weapons around the 1800s. The bayonet allowed even the simple riflemen of each regiment to wield a meele weapon as well. This proved a major advantage in battle.

Future of the SwordEdit

Because nothing can be said about the sword in the future, (because it has not happened yet!) we must turn to our fantasy examples for inspiration. [Please note: there is a 99.99% chance that this will never happen.]

In quite a lot of fantasy games and films, the sword has had a proper revival in the form of other weapons. For example:

The Warhammer 40,000 series from Games Workshop brings a whole new perspective on the sword. This
Grey knight inquisitor

The Warhammer 40K Grey Knight Inquisitor wielding the Power Sword

Grey Knight Inquisitor is wielding the fabled Power Sword, a futuristic take on the original sword. We can only base our assumtions on the world of fantasy (at least until scientists discover a way to actually generate a power sword!).
Source: Games Workshop